A step by step guide on how to be a
Netbank Virtual Partner

Sign up for a Netbank Virtual Developer account to start testing our products
and services.

Getting Started

Follow these steps and become a fellow
Netbank Virtual Partner

Reach out to the Netbank team via the Contact Us Form and discuss your business, needs, pain points, and use cases with Netbank to identify the potential products and solutions tailor-fitted to your requirements.

If the solution is not covered by our current/standard Netbank services, we will provide a proposal on the effort and cost for the customized solution for your review before proceeding with the development

Receive a quotation from Netbank on the effort and cost for customized solution.

Review and agree to the quotation and sign the necessary guarantee agreements.

Netbank will proceed with the development then either publish the integration points in Netbank Virtual or work with you outside of the standard onboarding process.

*Most of the steps and tasks are self-service so the completion depends on your pace.
Tasks that are with Netbank will range from instant to 2 days of processing for each.

Got any questions, concerns or suggestions?

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