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A service that will allow you to open white-labeled bank accounts under the name of your Company or of your end-users via APIs, via the File Upload Platform, or via a White-Labeled App.


Flexible KYC Process

If you're an AMLC covered institution, we can rely on your own KYC processes to seamlessly open bank accounts or, otherwise, you can leverage on Netbank’s tiered KYC process.

Multiple ways to check the status of each account opening request

Check the status of your account opening requests via API or via the Partner Dashboard.

Multiple ways to process digital account opening

Seamlessly embed the bank account opening process within your own UX or operational flow as you send KYC details and documents via API or via File Upload.

Access to Account Information

With proper end-user consent and authorization, get view access to the necessary details of a bank account that you’ve created under your own Branch.

Multiple Account Types to choose from

Be able to open white-labeled Individual, Corporate, or Loan Accounts to match your use case.

Access to Transaction History

With proper end-user consent and authorization, get view access to the necessary transaction list and details of a bank account that you’ve created under your own Branch.

Your Customer Experience

Here's the general flow of how the service will work.

your customer experience


A fully-regulated Bank with a National License

We are licensed by the BSP to open and operate bank accounts (with full PDIC coverage) which you can fully white-label to your own brand since Netbank has no intention to build its own direct consumer brand.

Fast and Straightforward Onboarding Process

We have open APIs and a Sandbox environment to allow clients to test run the services and how it could properly fit into the client’s system and processes + a straightforward and easy-to-follow onboarding process to support quick Go-To-Market timelines.

Holistic Solutioning Approach

We have a dedicated team that will closely listen and work with you to understand your requirements to come up with an end-to-end holistic solution with our other products and services (such as attaching these accounts to collect, disburse, and card services). Single partnership, agreement, and integration-point but a wider solution coverage.

Reliable Service accompanied with auxiliary tools and services

Our integration channels provide clear response codes accompanied with tools (eKYC, Dashboards and Webhooks) to track and reconcile transactions.

Multiple Integration Points

We have multiple available integration options via open APIs, via File Upload, or launch fast with a white-labeled mobile app.

Dedicated Post-Implementation Support

We have a complete support team dedicated to this service + a complete ticketing system to ensure quick response times and constant updates to any concern because we completely understand that the client’s transactions are highly sensitive.

Standard Pricing

We offer a straightforward pricing model for our standard engagements.

Do you have a customized commercial model in mind?
Feel free to reach out to us using the Contact Us form below
Fee type Standard Rate
KYC Fee Php 50.00 per account opening
Account Maintenance Fee Php 20.00 per account per month
Minimum Monthly Invoice NONE
ADB Requirement NONE
  • The fees can be adjusted based on the use case, account structure, and volumes
  • These standard fees apply only to simple resident bank accounts. Non-resident bank accounts and other complex requirements will have a different pricing structure.

Free and unlimited use of the Sandbox and
Development Tools

We can freely customize the service but may require
an additional setup fee and minimum monthly invoice
after the effort assessment

Easy Onboarding Process

We have a straightforward and easy-to-follow onboarding process to support quick Go-To-Market timelines.

Get Started with Netbank Virtual


(Optional) Reach out to our team to scope and design the right and fitting solution for you.

Sign up in Netbank Virtual and nominate your account credentials.


Log-in to the Partner Dashboard using your Netbank Virtual Account Credentials.

Generate your Sandbox Access Credentials.

Browse, Integrate and Test our products in Sandbox.

Finalize the list of products to be availed.


Request and receive for your UAT Access Credentials.

Perform performance, load, security and acceptance testing.

Go Live

Open a Netbank Corporate Account.

Sign and accomplish the BaaS License agreement and other requirements.

Request for PROD access with testing sign off.

Receive your PROD Access Credentials and Go Live

*Most of the steps and tasks are self-service so the completion depends on your pace.
**Tasks that are with Netbank will range from instant to 5 days of processing.


A list of business, technical, regulatory, and security requirements that the client must accomplish BEFORE GOING LIVE.

A Signed BaaS License Agreement.

A Netbank Corporate Bank Account as the Settlement account for the transactions.

The final commercial terms.

Got any questions, concerns or suggestions?

Get in touch with us.

Have a customized engagement in mind? Drop us a message and tell us what you're envisioning